Become Adult Toy Agent & Sell Sex Toys

Sex toy industry proudly stands at more than $15 billion with projections for 2020 being more than $50 billion world wide. In South Africa the demand is growing faster then ever for quality adult toys.

With people becoming more and more sexually active and everyone trying to add more pleasure in their sex life, this industry and is booming and you can easily take a big chunk of this pie by starting your own sex toy site by following this guide

Also after the release fo 50 shades of grey movie and novels, the demand for sex toys have skyrocketed

Millions of adults are looking for ways to spice up their sex life and add some excitement to the bedroom. By starting a sex toy business and finding these adults, you can easily build a stable income for you in one of the most lucrative industries in the world.

Adult Luxury offer you three joining options to become a Bronze, Silver or Gold Agent.

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