Best Sex Wand Vibrators Available For Women And Couples.

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Never used a sex wand before? You have been missing out on one of the best sex toys ever invented and is a must for every women's and couples toy box.

Thanks to the Hitachi Magic Wand with its fifty-year history as one of the best clitoral vibes and cameos in Sex and the City, wands are essential in any sex toy connoisseur’s collection. Power aside, wand vibes are great because they’re versatile,

Love the idea of a rideable vibrator but don’t have, combine a sex wand to any non vibrating or even vibrating toy and let the magic begin.

You can place the wand on a pillow and ride it for a DIY version of a rideable toy, suggests Stubbs. If you have a dildo that doesn’t vibrate and you want it to, you can insert the dildo inside yourself and place the wand vibe against the base of the toy so the vibrations carry through it, as Stubbs also suggests.

The versatility of a wand isn’t limited to just solo use either. When you’re with a with a partner, you can also use the wand to stimulate your clitoris during penetration, Stubbs adds, or if you’re giving oral sex on someone with a penis, you can hold the wand against their perineum (between their balls and their anus) for indirect prostate stimulation. Seriously, the wand is way more versatliles than you’d think a foot-long sex toy would be.

But where to start, right? Should you shell out for a super-strong full-size wand or a bitsy bb to stash in your bag? Here’s an Collection of the best wand vibrators collected from all over the world. imported, in stock and ready to be delivered : Click here to view